Friday, April 16, 2010

A Review of Pyxism Travel. The 411 On The Pyxism Travel Global Home Based Business.

( PYXISM is a new, exciting network marketing company that offers the finest in affordable vacation packages. The are proud to call the baby-boomer generation their target market because of the boomer's fondness for ( travel and the ( home based business pursuit of financial independence. Pyxism was founded in 2009 by Lloyd Wilson of San Clemente, California. Lloyd Wilson has previous experience in the travel and network marketing industry. He was the co-founder of Platinum Travel Club in 2005 which evolved into Platinum One Destinations and NetTrav.

Pyxism's name derives from the Constellation called Pyxis in the Southern Skies. Pyxis, short for Pyxis Nautica, is the Latin term for a mariner's compass. So Pyxism means belief in the mariner's compass. The people at Pyxism believe there is more to the compass than safe travel, but a belief in following your moral compass as well. The Pyxism motto is Travel, Prosperity, and Integrity.

Pyxism offers luxury vacations at over 4,000 properties and premium cruises around the world. It is common knowledge that travel is a world-wide trillion dollar industry. And that 53% of all money spent on the internet is spent on travel. Pyxsim offers its associates the ability to get paid 10% commissions on their own travel products including cruises, hotels, car rentals, resorts, and tour packages. However, airfares are not eligible for commissions, but the price of the airfares are discounted. One can become a member of the company by paying a $50 associate fee and purchasing either a $299 or $799 vacation package; or one could pay the $50 associate fee and sell six $299 vacation packages. Unlike most network marketing opportunities, there are no monthly fees and no monthly autoship obligation.

Pyxism has a rather simple 2x2 cycling matrix that distributors can cycle through numerous times. It is a true follow me matrix, which means that your team stays with you and does not break off. They call this plan ultimate leverage. Once you bring in your first two distributors, you become eligible for unlimited cycle payouts of $500 and $1000, paid weekly. You can cycle several times in one day. There are also various leadership bonuses to make a good comp plan better. The compensation plan is very generous, but like all compensation plans you have to put in some hard work in order to reap the benefits. Or at least have an automated step by-step system that will leverage the power of the internet to return maximum results. Still, this is an excellent opportunity with a debt-free company, that has sound leadership, exciting products, and a distributor friendly philosophy. If you're looking for a premier business opportunity, you're looking in the right place.